The Essex Poetry And Prose Society

The Essex Poetry and Prose Society was founded in spring 1959.
We meet at 3pm in Stebbing, Essex, usually on the last Sunday in each month. Membership costs £10 per year.
Since 2013 we have adopted a "Poetry Café" format for most meetings.
Turn up, and bring a poem or two to read—well known, obscure, or even your own!
There may be a theme to each meeting, decided the month before, but keeping to the theme is optional.

The programme for 2021 is provisionally as follows:

(Meetings may be cancelled if government restrictions are re-imposed)

January 31Cancelled
February 28Cancelled
March 28Cancelled
April 25Cancelled
May 30AGM (Postponed from last October)
June 27Poetry Café
 Optional subject: Parody
July 25Poetry Café
 Optional subject: Comic verse
October 31Annual General Meeting
 With perhaps time for some poetry afterwards
November 28Poetry Café
 Optional subject: Insanity

There are no meetings in August, September or December

The programme for 2022 is provisionally as follows:

January 30Poetry Café
 Optional subject: Winter
February 27Poetry Café
 Optional subject: Crime and Punishment
March 27Poetry Café
 Optional subject: Sound
April 24Poetry Café
May 29Poetry Café
June 26Poetry Café
July 24Poetry Café
October 30Annual General Meeting
 With perhaps time for some poetry afterwards
November 27Poetry Café

In October 2019 our venue changed to the White Hart, Stebbing.

To give some indication of the range of our meetings, programmes for previous years are listed here.

New members are welcome. If you would like to join us at one of our meetings, please leave a message with your contact details on 01206 395711, or just turn up at 3pm at the White Hart.

The Essex Poetry and Prose Society is a Stanza of the Poetry Society.

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